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General Discussion / Re: Frenchy #2
« Last post by Howard Brown on Today at 03:59:21 pm »
The complete NY World article for January 21, 1895....PDF below.
General Discussion / Re: Frenchy #2
« Last post by Howard Brown on Today at 03:57:06 pm »
Just so no one wonders about recent remarks made elsewhere about the identity of Frenchy 2, let's set the record straight.

This clip is from the NY World, January 21, 1895 and the theory concocted by a reporter who may or may not have been a NY Herald scribe.

Compare this to the contemporary conversation between Jenalli and the police ; Jenalli with a reporter from the NY Herald ; and an open discussion with Mrs. Jenalli.

1. Jenalli and wife had not seen Ali for up to a week before the Brown murder.  This is made clear in the material I've added.
2. Nothing in the discussion between the reporter and either Jenalli ( or Mr. and Mrs. John Allen, with Anglicized names) indicates either was lying.
3. In another article, Jenalli and Bozieb both went to the Tombs with Manny Friend.....and Jenalli gently remonstrated Ali for his wanton behavior on that side of the East River.

Since there was a man spotted with Ali and two other women drinking on the 23rd...he's known as Frenchy # 2

A. Jenalli could not have been this man since he had not seen Ali for days. 
B. There's zero evidence Jenalli was ever in the vicinity of Catherine and Water Streets....and pub trawling with Ali or anyone.
C. Jenalli was a married man and the suggestion he was stepping out on his wife is unproven then as it is now.
D. Jenalli looks nothing like this Frenchy # 2 from newspaper descriptions.
E. To accept the 4 year old bluster of the NY World over the contemporaneous reports from the NY Herald who actually talked to the man and his wife is ridiculous.  At best, its its worst, its typical of a newspaper trying to boost sales and bust Brynes' balls at the same time.

6 people have read the article in one of the Jack The Ripper trade publications in which it was suggested the May 10, 1891 NY Herald proved Jenalli was Frenchy 2 and 6 different people came away shaking their heads at how this was managed when the article makes no suggestion to that at all.

NY Herald
May 10, 1891

I've included three East River Echos which touch on the issue of Jenalli and Frenchy # 2....whose identity is not known and will never be known for certain.
One thing is certain to me, however, and that is Jenalli was not our huckleberry.

ERE #   16 : Frenchy's Friend's....NY Herald, May 10, 1891
ERE #   55 : Interview With Mrs. Jenalli  NY Evening World  May 12, 1891
ERE  # 140 : Frenchy On A Banana  Boat ?  NY Tribune June 30, 1893


ERE # 102 : Frenchy # 2 ? John Smith    NY World, December 18, 1893

Ali could have removed his socks before leaving the room so as to not leave a trail of blood. Even a thief is smart enough not to leave a trail.

After reading some of the new Casebook posts by Wolf, I can’t but suggest that, with the leukaemic cells and inner intestinal matter found under Ali’s fingernails so on his person, thereby directly tying him to the murder scene, there was no need in hindsight for the police to plant a trail of blood evidence all the way to his room. Any “enterprising journalists” could perhaps still have tried to create a sensation like the last Ripper killing.

The police would have done it for nothing which would be kind of funny.

Maybe the journalists did put that X on the wall. I don’t know if they’d go so far as to put blood evidence across the hall.

General Discussion / Re: The Pardon Campaigns
« Last post by Howard Brown on November 29, 2022, 07:37:30 pm »
New York Times
December 4, 1901

Paul Fuller ( 1848-1915 ) was a respected attorney.  A PDf featuring the 1916 tribute to Fuller from Fordham University

He worked for Coudert Bros., which like Fuller were very respected in their field.....  PDFs included.
Many, many thanks to Kattrup for finding the link to this case which went all the way to the New York Supreme Court.

In the 112 page PDF at bottom, we learn George Damon  walked over an open coal hole and fell through.  Clumsiness or karma ?

He would kick the bucket in 1906 from Bright's Disease ( Notice the hoopla over Damon's urine in the case file ).

He sued for 10 grand : got 4,500 instead.

I like the name of the judge in the divorce case - Judge Beekman. And Augusta sounds a lot like Mary Jane Kelly's legend.

This quote also had the s in Peets in square brackets and then crossed out everything after it. Took me a while to figure it out.


b 1854, Westport, NY; d December 13, 1914 (NYC death certificate # 34928 gives cause of death as cerebral apoplexy), at Flower Hospital; once resided at Cortelyou Road, Brooklyn, NY; c 1 89 1 letter from A.J. Peets indicates he is still a bachelor, living alone at 153 W 49 ,h St, and practicing medicine; bur. Wood Lawn Cemetery, NY; m April 25, 1898, Manhattan, NY Christine Grace Gardner (she b. 1856; d. 1900 soon after or at the birth of their only child), dau of Joseph Gardner and Salome Kiefer; residing at 515 E 78 St. at time of death;

death certificate indicates A.J. was married - not widowed - at the time of his death - if so, we do not have the name of his wife; family records for this line show an Alexander J. Peet(s) b July 2, 1 846, who m June 21, 1868 Carrie W. Gibson.... from the New York Times, October 4, 1895 comes the following article relative to a divorce proceeding between an Alexander Peet, physician in NYC, and his 17 yr old wife of four months, Augusta Peet:

"Mrs. Augusta Peet, the young wife of Dr. Alexander Peet, has failed in her motion for
alimony pending the issue of her suit for limited divorce. Judge Beekman, in the Supreme
Court, yesterday handed down a decision denying Mrs. Peet's application. The decision
makes interesting reading, especially in view of the peculiar circumstances surrounding
Mr. and Mrs. Peet's marriage, which occurred last June.

Mrs. Peet is only seventeen years old. She was formerly a model for child pictures for
several well-known artists in this city, and later she secured an engagement on the stage
and posed in tableaus. It was while serving in this capacity that Dr. Peet, who has an
office at 45 West Twenty-fourth Street, met her in a Sixth Avenue drug store. This was in
December 1894 and their marriage followed six months later.

In her suit, Mrs. Peet alleged that the doctor had deserted her fourteen days after their
and that he had been guilty of 'cruel conduct' toward her in denying their
marriage to a woman named Florence Derevere, with whom he had formerly lived. In his
decision, Judge Beckman says: 'The fact that this defendant in an altercation with his
former mistress denied his marriage is hardly enough to base an action for a
separation.... Upon the whole case I fail to perceive that the plaintiff has probable ground
for any expectation of success in her action, and 1 am therefore constrained to deny the

Dr. Peet, though still a very young man, is well known in professional and club circles,
and his marriage, which was not generally known until the divorce proceedings were
begun, caused considerable commen

Marriage records show a June 18, 1895 marriage between an Alexander James Peet and a Gussie L. Kane, dau of James Kane and Minnie Albrecht, b in Brooklyn, NY presumably Gussie is a diminutive for Augusta and is therefore the same woman named in the above article.
General Discussion / Re: Splanchnophilia in The East River Hotel
« Last post by Youngstreet Franzoi on November 28, 2022, 05:49:47 pm »
Since you don't yourself believe it to be true, what's to consider?

...I think Ali went into the room to search for valuables.  Ali had been at war in a very violent conflict and had probably seen more blood and guts than most, I think he was also rather drunk, so rummaging around a bloody corpse would not necessarily have perturbed him.
I don't believe splanchnophilia, or arousal by innerds, to be true about Jack the Ripper although most people think he was a lust killer who removed non-sexual organs and ripped out intestines. That would suggest unusual fetishism if that's the way it was.

I think we can agree that a 25-35 year old sailor like Emil Totterman, or George Damon's "Dane" assuming he's a sailor, doesn't have the need to or the impulse to explore in that fashion like some immature lust murderer who feels inadequate.

I think it's definitely true or partly true with Dahmer. It was used in his "insanity" defense as I recall although it didn't help.

There have been examples of serial killers imprinting on blood and gore during war. Chikatilo is the one I remember. He was very young though when he was reported to be a witness to a bombing raid. Ali would likely have already imprinted sexually long before he went to war in Africa.

But then again I don't believe everything boils down to sexual "arousal". So I think there's room for "considerations" when it comes to Ali in this situation.

I spent a lotta time yesterday trying to find Catherine Creta......Catherine Crete appears to be her real name ( **** newspapers are deplorable for supplying the correct names, ain't they ?).

Nina went in the Manhattan city registry for 1891 and found her.......on a side note, living a few blocks away from a guy with a great surname.  Cretin.

Hats off to Kattrup !!

You were right, Katt....A.J. Peet ( with a dropped 's') was E. Spencer Peets' brother.

He was born in 1847 and died in 1914.

He fibbed on the physician register at Albany Medical College of Union University ( Grad. 1877 ) by claiming to be younger,

Well done, dude !

Makes sense that Damon, Peets' partner, would go pay the bail if requested.  No mystery, no chicanery on Damon's part, and no scandal.

 >:( Dammit !


 The name of Damon's business partner of 40 years was E. Spencer Peets.  Elias Spencer Peets, born 1842 in Vermont.

 However, Nina just told me that E. Spencer Peets had a brother with the initials A. J.       Dr. Peet's first and middle name was Alexander James.

 More to follow.



  Although it doesn't mention how long Catherine Creta had been in charge of the boarding house, I'd wager it was somewhat earlier than what you were inferring.
Plus Dr. Peet said he knew Creta for several years.
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