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Re: Photographs
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Edwin Borchard, author of the 1932 book, Convicting The Innocent.

His article on the presumed innocence of Ameer Ben Ali, based on his 1902 release, may not have been true.
A case where he was definitely wrong :
In 1911, seven year old Annie Lemberger was killed in Madison Wisconsin. This became the second most written of child homicide in 20th century America. Only the Lindbergh kidnapping generated more interest.

Annie was either killed by her father in a drunken rage or by her neighbor John A, (Dogskin) Johnson, a **** and all round ne'er do well. Mr. Johnson was convicted but released after ten years when the blame was shifted to her father.

Johnson was among Edwin Borchard's original innocents but 80 years later his guilt was proven definitively in a book called "Crime of Magnitude."

After correspondence with the on going Innocence Project, they agreed to strike Mr. Johnson's name from the innocent.

PDF of the book